Carabuena is a Blanco tequila uniquely crafted in Jalisco Mexico.

Carabuena tequila is created, crafted, and uniquely distilled in the birthplace of all tequilas—Jalisco Mexico. It gets its namesake and characteristics from the local mystical creature, the nagual. Live your best side while enjoying Carabuena’s unique smoky yet sweet taste profile.

What makes Carabuena unique?

Carabuena partnered with a local family who has access to some of the best blue agave fields in the region, are generational master distillers, and work with local artisans to create our hand-blown glass bottles—all done within the birthplace of all tequilas in Jalisco Mexico.

While most tequila distillation processes are similar, a few changes can go a long way in making the taste profile unique. For Carabuena, our unique smoky and sweet taste and smell comes from our master distiller's unique experience.

The collaboration with our distiller ensures our cooking, distillation, and bottling processes help to produce Carabuena’s uniquely featured taste and exceptional quality.

Of all the tequilas in the market today, many have similar taste but nothing tastes like Carabuena. Details matter and we are careful in everything we do including how Carabuena is farmed, distilled, bottled, labeled, and even packaged and shipped.

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