About Carabuena

Carabuena premium tequila was born in Austin Texas and created in Jalisco Mexico.

Why Carabuena

Victor Diaz, Carabuena founder, is a native of Jalisco and has been bartending since he was 15 yrs old. He has been the ultimate end user of tequila for years. His deep-rooted connections in heart of Mexico provide the foundational elements needed to build an authentic tequila business. His vision and dream center on creating an artisanal brand whose heritage connects communities and optimists, those who want to live their best side, their Cara Buena.

The Carabuena Taste

There are many examples of Tequila claiming to be authentic, craft, and small-batch—our Blanco's taste is what makes Carabuena stand out from all the others.

With every sip whether neat, rocks, or in a cocktail, Carabuena's smoky, sweet, and smooth taste will impress on every level. Taste Carabuena at a restaurant, bar, or pick up from a store near you!

Start living your best side with Carabuena's super-premium sipping tequila.

Plant and Production Matter

It starts with mature, 100% blue agave, harvested with the same attention to quality that goes into every bottle of Carabuena. The Agave are cooked in custom designed and built clay ovens also known as “hornos de mamposteria”.

They are steamed for 22 hours and then rested for 72 hours. After the extraction and fermentation, the juice is distilled in a traditional copper alembic still.

A traditional (slow) distillation process is used to preserve the aromas and flavors that come from the fermentation giving our tequila a refined taste profile that is equal parts smoky and sweet. And finally, the product is filtered to produce a crystal clear tequila that finishes clean.